RudolfValentino_SonoftheSheikShe drew a long breath.  It was the desert at last, the desert that she felt she had been longing for all her life.”  The Sheik, E.M. Hull

I Dream of Far Away Places and Cultures – Like you, I’m a culture junkie.  I dream of visiting the far-away places on my favorite novels’ covers, and I can’t look at the cover models without wondering, Who is that?  What are the cover models’ favorite hangouts, hobbies, and interests?

What’s My Travel Plan? – Artists, authors, readers and culture warriors, come travel with me as I talk with cover models, designers and illustrators, photographers and romance authors.  Enjoy exploring the myriad ways your favorite authors connect cover art to story and cultural settings and how covers–and cover models–add visual appeal to novels.

Romance Global Bound is my way of sharing my love for cover art and global culture.   As your travel guide, I’ll do the following on this blog:

  • Talk about romantic settings and cultures
  • Interview authors about their cover design choices
  • Bring the lives of your favorite cover models into exciting focus
  • Discuss events in global ebook and publishing markets

More about me?  Coming November, 2013: WWW.MARYMCFARLANDAUTHOR.COM

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. People arre willing to print it out since it’s not 200 pages.
    Hence, as thhe short story ideas occur, you will be able to jot them down. While penning a novel can be something of a Herculean task,
    a short stoory can be crafted, andd more importantly, finished, bby just about anybody.

  2. On behalf of Expert Village I’m Terry and today I’m going to show 18% yearly growth from 2011 through 2015.
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  3. I am doing social media for an author right now and I am looking forward to hearing about your views on trends and what not in regards to e-books and publishing. Tag me on Facebook when you post anything on these topics.

  4. Hi Mary!

    I’m so excited for you. I look forward to reading your romantic comedy JUMP THE LINE. You did it! Now get that baby edited and out there.

    Yeah, all of this social media stuff can be a little bit crazy. Some writers spend too much time on it when they should writing their next book (or their first book) instead. I definitely need to find the balance. I published my nonfiction book for brides last week (WEDDING RECEPTIONS THAT ROCK!) and sometimes find myself spending too much time worrying about marketing it, when I really just want to finish my romantic comedy, since I will be publishing it in September.

    I have so many projects in the garden too! lol. Yeah, I think we all need 35 hours in a day. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Rich, doesn’t it feel great to finish the book, instead of going crazy over marketing? Honestly, you’d think writers would know, but we just get overwhelmed with social media.

      Your Wedding Receptions sounds like a must have for every bride, groom-to-be, and (ulp!) even the future in-laws!

      Yeah, so that’s my take-away: write and don’t obsess about the marketing, not to the point where it drives us crazy (that’s where Dan Blank helps us, right?).

      You inspired me, though, Rich, and I’m forever grateful. Let’s kibbutz on your September launch. Add me to your blog tour, please. Again, congrats on Wedding Receptions that Rock. So awesome.

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