Pam Howes Three Steps to Heaven evokes Rock ‘n Roll Sixties! Pam, your work is righteous!

I’ve always dabbled in writing novels that take us back in time.  My preferred genre is SF.  Yet I’m fessing up:  I’m also goin’ nuts right now trying to keep up with my New Adult reading.  I love the NA twenty-something characters, the crazy in love buckwild college students that remind us all of our college days and–if we’re truthful–aren’t far off the mark for accuracy.  I think it’s the reason NA’s being read by everyone, not just by college students.  It’s the nostalgia factor, the escape or return to a time in our lives when ideology was reality and truth more than a textbook dream.

President Obama Visit 3

President Obama Visit 3 (Photo credit: pennstatelive)

But I can’t make up my mind what to read lately, so one of my favorite sayings, which I probably share with President Obama is, “Why compromise?”  I’ll read everything, including Pam Howes’ Three Steps to Heaven, we get the heat and excitement our favorite NA characters evoke, plus we get the added kick of nostalgia that the rock ‘n roll period must surely have evoked in that generation.  I won’t spoil this, and I’m not cutting Pam Howes short by revealing anything that would prevent you from going out and buying this book. Other than, yep, the characters are young and it’s the Sixties.  Were you eighteen then?  You get my point.  If not, you need to.  I can’t listen to music from that period and not visualize my older brother’s ’57 Ford, his Lucky Strikes rolled up in the sleeve of his T-shirt, and his black hair slicked back in a “duck” with Brilliantine.  Ahhh, he was such a handsome dude, or the ladies all thought so.  They practically kicked down our door trying to get at him.  I recall as we all do images of Elvis’ smiling down on crowds of teary-eyed girls, some pretty hot teased-haired mamas wearing “tight skirts” and red lipstick and those those delightful stilettos that today remain perennial favorites.

It must have been a wonderful time to be young and in love, those Sixties.  I think it was, if my crazy brothers are examples, a period when young people burned through time with a tremendous amount of passion for music and being independent thinkers, maybe even rebels.  We gotta respect them for that.  Pam Howes evokes the heat and intensity of the period and, most of all, the romance and passion of teens from the era.  I’m reading Three Steps to Heaven and rockin’ ‘n rollin’ with the feelings the story evokes.

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Three Steps to Heaven's Cover

Three Steps to Heaven’s Cover


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