ebook Markets Opening Up Outside U.S.

ebook Markets Opening Up Outside U.S.

At this point, overseas ebook markets are considered “niche markets,” but that is changing.  I’m beginning to see interest in these markets picking up among U.S. authors like Joanna Penn, who in the attached article discusses her plans to add the “mythology” and “culture” of India to her future work.  While Joanna focuses on sharing wisdom gained from her trip, she also briefly discusses the potential of global ebook markets as technology moves forward in countries, for example, like India.  http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2013/09/23/india/


Publishing Your eBook for Global Markets

Publishing Your eBook for Global Markets


Hello, all.  Just a quick post for my RGB followers.  At Romance Global Bound, we’ve been thinking globally for some time.  Thus, it’s enriching to at last begin seeing posts like this one on Annie Allen’s blog that helps ebook authors see the business potential of the global ebook market.