ebook Markets Opening Up Outside U.S.

ebook Markets Opening Up Outside U.S.

At this point, overseas ebook markets are considered “niche markets,” but that is changing.  I’m beginning to see interest in these markets picking up among U.S. authors like Joanna Penn, who in the attached article discusses her plans to add the “mythology” and “culture” of India to her future work.  While Joanna focuses on sharing wisdom gained from her trip, she also briefly discusses the potential of global ebook markets as technology moves forward in countries, for example, like India.  http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2013/09/23/india/


3 thoughts on “ebook Markets Opening Up Outside U.S.

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    • Hi, Joanna. Excellent point. Thanks for calling to my attention that the U.S. is a ‘foreign’ market to many: it’s eye opening, and it helps broaden our perspective here at RGB, just as I intend. As ebooks open up global markets (and as terms such as ‘foreign’ and ‘overseas’ markets dissolve and technology as you say “catches up with readers’ demands”), I expect–and look forward to–more than just a shift in our perspective here in the U.S. I see shifts, massive changes in genre and the emergence of entire new book markets. Oh, yeah, except for the invention of movable type, I can’t think of a more impelling time to be an author. I’m excited to participate in the sea change that started with Gutenberg’s marriage of entrepreneurial and book culture.

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