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Mary MMy Hang Out – Hi, I’m Mary McFarland, mistress of Mucky Manor, where I write and hang out with family and friends.  A global culture junkie, I support anyone who makes good things happen in our ill-tempered world.  Contributing to our global community by making it a happier, more giving space is my inspiration for Romance Global Bound.

What I Do – I’m a writer.  Always have been, always will be.  I started my career as a technical writer, but a while back–the great “Ahhh” point in my life–I transitioned to writing fiction full time.  I’m presently preparing Jump The Line, the first novel in my Alaina Colby romantic suspense series for its spot on Amazon.

Feeling Social?  Want Your Novel Promoted? 

Working together, supporting each other, is  one more way we can contribute to our global romance community.   Here’s my email and social media links:

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