Culture Journal


Culture Junkie, Change Addict – I’m a culture junkie, addicted to change.  But before all else, I’m a writer.  Exploring culture junk, anything from the artwork of cereal boxes, to the latest TV show, to a new literary genre or an archaeological find in some remote part of the world, is part of what I do.

It’s About Romance and Relationships – I think the world is a romantic place, and we should all be guided by love.  Love of family, of each other, of our community, and of course, love of culture junk.

Research is my rig, culture junk my drug.  I fuel my addiction by researching and consuming everything, from Honey Boo Boo’s exquisitely disordered life, to a movie about Any Rand’s Passion, or the discovery of an obscure grimoire in a shop off Beit HaBad in Jerusalem.  When I’m done, Ayn RandI focus on the romance, the people, and our world’s changing relationship dynamic.

Our world is brave, it’s new, and it’s ever changing.  As a writer, I go wherever my research leads me and then step back and sort things out for that lovely high.  When I’m done, and I can see my way clear to my next novel, I share what I’ve got.

I’m Mary McFarland, and this is my culture journal, part of Romance Global Bound’s mission to unite romance and global culture.


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